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4 Ways to Finance Urgent Cash Needs

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Getting a home renovated requires lots of planning and a fair amount of money. Not everyone will have ready cash to pay for the renovation, as per their personal tastes. If you are looking to renovate your home, here are a few ways in which you can arrange for cash.

  1. Break an FD – You can break an FD and get access to your cash. But, remember, if you break it before maturity, you may have to pay a fine. Alternatively,  if it is a short-term FD, you can wait for maturity and use the money. 
  2. Take an advance against your PF – Your PF is for your retirement, and taking a loan against should be avoided if you have a steady flow of income. However, the fund can be used to meet any shortage of funds required to maintain your lifestyle. 
  3. Mortgage refinancing – If you already have a mortgage, you can opt for refinancing on the loan for renovating your home. It is easy to avail as the lender has already processed your application form. 
  4. Get a personal loan for home renovation – This is one of the best options, as you can judge your repayment capacity before apply for home renovation loan. Just remember, you have to have a credit score of at least 650 to avail the loan from an NBFC. 

There are several other options for getting a loan to renovate your home. A good idea is to study all your options before making a final decision.

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