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5 business strategies for your accounting practice in 2019

Since chartered accountant practice opportunities mostly revolve around business-to-business scenario – focus on clients’ satisfaction is of prime importance. Here is a list of some of the innovative business strategies to start your accounting practice in 2019 –
Acquiring new clients
To boost your chartered accountant practice, you need new clients. Go for both print and digital media of marketing and advertisement to gain maximum reach. You can avail a loan for chartered accountants to help you fund this substantial expenditure.
You can also use this high-value loan to invest in professional digital marketing agencies to cater to your advertising and marketing goals successfully.
Emphasis on client retention
Maintaining a satisfied clientele base is one of the pivotal qualities of an accountant. Potential customers not only reel in more clients but also provide valuable feedback, which helps to generate additional revenue in the long run.

Hire skilled professionals
In a B2B environment, hiring skilled and experienced professionals is crucial for your business’s efficiency. It not only increases more opportunities but also creates a good image. This helps to gain more reputation. But, make sure that these professionals have sufficient business-to-business handling capability.
Managing the working capital
To sustain your accounting practice, a healthy flow of working capital is essential to streamline your operations. A chartered accountant loan can help in strengthening the practice by making sure there is no shortage of funds.
Referral utilisation
After CA articleship, a chartered accountant needs to utilise his/her network to gain referrals from high net worth individuals to reel in high-profile clientele. List out such potential individuals in your network and channel this esteemed clients to expand your CA practice horizon.
Such business strategies help in bringing out the prospective chartered accountant practice opportunities in 2019.

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