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5 Points To Keep in Mind Before Taking a Personal Loan For Purchasing Used Car

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A personal loan comes with no restriction on end-usage, thus making it suitable to purchase a used car as well. When availing a personal loan for this purchase, you must keep in mind a few pointers. It will help you arrive at the best used car loan that offers multiple benefits and is affordable to repay through easy EMIs.

  1. Eligible Loan Amount

The loan amount you are eligible for primarily depends on your income and fixed monthly expenses.

If you meet such eligibility pointers, you can conveniently avail of a personal loan of up to Rs. 25 Lakh to purchase a vehicle.

  1. Applicable Interest Rates and Other Charges

Interest rates and other charges affect the EMI amount. You must, therefore, compare the available interest rates and other charges offered by lenders for a used car loan. It will help you obtain the lowest rates for your advance, thus making repayment affordable.

  1. Available Loan Tenor

Choice of flexibility in loan tenor allows you to opt for credit as per your repayment capability. With the best lenders, you can opt for a loan tenor ranging up to 60 months.

  1. Eligibility and Documentation Requirement

Eligibility criteria and documentation requirements for a personal loan are kept at a minimum to ensure hassle-free and quick approval by most leading lenders. Also, you must ensure to meet all the necessary requirements before applying and keep the documents handy to streamline the loan application procedure.

  1. Application Process and Disbursal Time

A simplified application procedure ensures quick application processing. Some of the best lenders in the market offer fast approval and disbursal of personal loan within 24 to 48 hours. Check out for these before applying to receive the loan amount in your account at the earliest.

Keeping these pointers in mind before applying will ensure you enjoy the benefits of the best used car loan, purchase your vehicle easily and repay affordably.

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