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7 Reasons to Avail a Travel Loan for Your Dream Vacation

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Travel Loan

With the ever increasing cost of everyday lifestyle, it had become increasingly difficult to meet expenses for other expenses, like paying for a leisure trip or a vacation. You can, however, meet these costs conveniently with a travel loan or a vacation loan.

Check out a few reasons why you should avail a travel loan to complete your dream vacation.

  • Instant availability of high-value funds

You can easily meet your short-term goals like planning for a tour with the help of a personal loan for travel of up to Rs.25 lakh. With their instant availability, enjoy approval within a few minutes and disbursal within next 24 hours.

  • Collateral-free financing

Vacation loans are a type of personal loan, an unsecured advance you can avail without any collateral. All you need to do is meet the simple eligibility criteria and submit necessary documents to avail it.

  • Easy-to-meet eligibility

Lenders require you to meet simple eligibilities to avail this loan, which includes the following.

  • Age between 23 and 55 years

  • Employment at an MNC, a private or public company

  • Indian citizenship

  • Hassle-free documentation

Hassle-free documentation procedure allows you to avail this loan quickly for your dream vacation. You only need identity proof, address proof, income proof and employment proof as documents for the loan.

  • A flexible tenor of repayment

You can choose to repay your travel loan with a flexible tenor ranging up to 60 months.

  • Ease of withdrawal and repayment

With options like multiple part prepayments or foreclosure against minimum associated fees, repayment of the loan is significantly easy. You can also choose to pay interest-only EMIs and save on your fixed monthly outgo.

  • Flexibility in funds withdrawal

Flexibility in fund withdrawal during vacation helps you utilise the funds as per your convenience. Once the loan amount is disbursed; you can either withdraw cash or make payment through cheques or online transfer.

These compelling reasons make a vacation loan a must-have while you are on a trip or traveling to your dream location.

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