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All You Need to Know About the Instant Loan App

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Financial emergencies come knocking on your door suddenly. It necessitates having adequate and additional monetary cushion to meet the unexpected expenses on demand and without delays. Pre-approved personal loans offer the right kind of financial product to help you overcome financial hardships during financial emergencies. Use instant loan apps at Bajaj Finserv website to get all the details that you need to know for availing quick funds. 

Personal loans currently constitute 28% of the total credit market in India. Every passing year is witnessing a heavy surge in personal loan disbursement. A February 2020 report by the Reserve Bank of India claims this financial product is currently experiencing phenomenal growth (17%). 

No collateral requirement, quick availability, low interest rate, convenient repayment and flexible usage – these are the five pillars heavily contributing to immense popularity of pre-approved personal loan offers in India. Use of instant loan apps has simplified the application procedure and enhanced customer convenience further.

The app offers an array of benefits as follows:

Loan Management 

The app helps you manage your debts more smoothly. From application to approval to repayment, you will experience no hassle in any step of debt management. Previously, the applicants needed to visit the lenders in person for the procedure but now they can avoid the hazard and instead, perform the task from a single online platform. 

The mobile-friendly instant loan apps also help you check your account summary, existing dues, Loan repayment record, upcoming EMIs, additional charges and other important details for fund borrowing. 

Hassle-Free Repayment 

The mobile app ensures hassle-free repayment for the borrowers. The easy repayment procedure increases end-user convenience and experience. Additionally, the app helps borrowers make part-payment. You can also foreclose the credit. 

Notification at Every Step 

Instant loan apps notify the borrowers at every single step of loan processing. It helps the individuals stay updated on their loan status and other account-related activities. 

Bajaj Finserv offers competent interest and easy loan repayment facilities on multiple financial products including personal loan, credit card, home décor loans etc. Quick approval is always a guarantee. Visit their online portal for further details.  

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