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Benefits of Home Loan for Chartered Accountants in India

A home loan for CA can provide funds up to Rs.2 crore to help borrowers purchase or construct their dream house. Before availing, CAs should keep a few pointers in mind to avail the financial aid to fulfil their dreams.

For instance, chartered accountants should look for an easy and hassle-free process to avail home loans. Also, they need to meet some basic eligibility criteria to avail this financial facility.

Moreover, to cope up with the other unpredictable expenses along with home building such as home decoration or to own a car, they might need some extra financial aid. With a top-up loan facility, CAs are entitled to an extra-high-value loan along with the existing loan without any further documentation.

When availing a home loan for chartered accountants, CAs should look for convenient tenors, which can go up to 240 months.

Financial institutions also provide other services like finding the right property or dossier services along with financial aid. Thus, CAs should check the availability of these facilities while searching for a home loan.

To avail home loans, CAs also have to submit their KYC documents, Certificate of Practice of minimum of 4 years, property mortgage documents, ITR copies, profit and loss account statements, balance sheet.

Professionals like CAs can apply for home loans via both online and offline. However, the online mode is preferable due to its quick procedures. They need to visit the authorised website of their preferred financial organisations.

After filling up the application form, CAs need to submit all required documents. Company representatives usually collect these documents from the applicant’s house.

And after successful verification, the loan amount can be approved within 24 hours of application.

Thus, chartered accountants need to keep the above-said features while applying for a home loan for CA. This way, they can avail the right financial deal to fulfil their dream.

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