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Buying or Renting a Flat in Punawale: Things to Consider

As per an article by the Business today, 2017-18 is the best time for real-estate investors. The Knight Frank India report suggests that the prices come down to unprecedented levels after demonetization, RERA, and GST in 2017. The impact was so intense, even the Mumbai residential prices finally cracked. On that note, if you are planning to invest in Pune real-estate; there couldn’t be a better time than this.

To suggest some of the best properties in Pune; we would recommend you to check out the Golden Treasure residency in Punawale. Punawale is emerging as the downtown of Pune, and the Golden Treasure Punawale is one of the finest residential projects you can find in that area. The best part, the property is available for rent as well as for purchase.

Now, moving on to our primary question: Renting or Purchasing: Which is Better? To answer that, let’s discuss the various scenarios.

Living permanently or for a time being?

Buying a house is advisable only under certain circumstances: you have a stable income and you are permanently settled in a particular city. For people who are in a particular city for just a limited time due to their job, renting is a better option. You never know when you might have to leave and find a living in another city. Under such circumstances, you won’t be able to manage the EMI of your house as well as pay the rent of the apartment you’ll have to rent in the new city.

Lastly, the decision also depends on whether you can manage to pay the EMI comfortably or not.

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