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CIBIL disputes: Know About The Types, Resolutions And Tracking Dispute Status

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CIBIL score is one of the most crucial parameters to gauge the financial credibility of an individual. Any minor change in one’s credit profile can affect this score drastically. Hence, it is essential for individuals to check their credit score regularly and ensure immediate CIBIL dispute resolution, if any.

Types of CIBIL disputes

CIBIL dispute can be any of the following types.

  1. Individual dispute

  • It can happen that an account showing against a person’s name does not belong rightfully so, or he/she has already closed it.

  • Discrepancy can occur in personal details as well, like name, address, etc.

  1. Company dispute

  • Inaccuracy can also occur in Company Credit Information Report (CCR). For instance, information about the company, like name, current account balance, company registration number, etc.

  • Several issues related to ownership can also cause serious CIBIL disputes.

Ways to resolve CIBIL dispute

Irrespective of the cause, one needs to resolve all disputes immediately in the following ways.

  1. Log in to MyCIBIL app online and select the dispute type and input the right information to rectify it.

  2. Alternatively, individuals can also fill up an online dispute resolution form and submit it online.

  3. Another way to resolve CIBIL dispute is by writing a letter to TransUnion CIBIL stating the matter.

How to track a CIBIL dispute?

After registering a dispute, individuals can track its status in either of the following ways.

  • They can enter their respective CIBIL account and check the ‘Dispute Status’ section to check any progress.

  • Or, people can also check their registered email to view and track the status of their complaints.

Therefore, CIBIL dispute resolution is not only an essential deed but also necessary to keep the CIBIL account up-to-date. Moreover, the methods to do so are also straightforward and prompt and can be significantly crucial when availing unsecured credits, like a personal loan.

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