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Co-working space, a concept first brought into practice in 2005, provides shared office space where an individual can rent out the exact number of places that they require for his or her employee.

It offers an affordable alternative than renting an entire plot, where one might risk paying for too much, or too less workspace for everyday use. With the introduction of co-working space in India, professionals like CAs can use a co-working space to set up their own office with minimum investment and financial strain.

The concept of what is a co-working space also grew in popularity with the price boom in the real estate market. Entrepreneurs often missed out on the chances of placing their businesses in the epicentre of an area’s trading district, losing out because of low financial support and unavailability of space.

Co-working environment solves this issue by providing tailor-made office spaces in the downtown districts at affordable interest rates. These accommodations come complete with necessary infrastructure and furniture to provide for all the needs of an organisation while providing the flexibility to arrange dedicated office space and workstations for as many employees as required.

Self-employed individuals also find these types of infrastructure helpful as these offer all the amenities of office space while minimizing the cost.

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