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Data Science & Nanotechnology: Helped in Improving Healthcare

Data science in healthcare is set to experience robust growth in the country, with vast implications for the medical sector in India. The country is a major contributing factor to the annual CAGR of 16.5% experienced by the nanotechnology industry globally, owing to its high funding allotments.

This industry is given a tremendous boost for quick growth through massive investments, as it has the potential to reduce the time for diagnosis and treatment of patients with long-lasting effects.

Such advantages can be attributed to the innate nature of bringing about change at a cellular level, with more effective medication. Nanotechnology has the capability of devising a cure for fatal ailments such as cancer, ALS and Alzheimer’s.

Doctors can start implementing nanotechnology and its outputs in their existing practice by updating all equipment, as well as designing research and development labs. Professional loans for doctors of substantial amounts can be obtained for this purpose, at a nominal cost of borrowing rates.

The emergence of nanotechnology in India and throughout the globe is imminent. Employing nanotechnology in their business can lead to higher profit generation through reduced operating costs and higher customer base, as well as through patent royalty received in the event of a discovery of any high-end equipment/drug.

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