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Everything You Should Know About Instant Personal Loan App In 2021

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When it comes to arranging funds instantly without pledging any security, a large number of people rely on an online personal loan. 

One can either land on a lender’s website or via an instant loan app. 

Applying for a personal loan using an online instant loan app is a trendy thing to do in 2021. 

If you wish to know about the features of an instant loan app, then here is a quick post! Continue reading!

What is an online loan app?

An online instant loan app is a mobile-compatible version of a lender’s platform that you can use to apply for a personal loan. From loan application to processing to tracking to repayment and more, it is possible to do so much on an online loan app.  

What benefits an online loan app offer?

  1. Loan application 

You can take out your smartphone and access the online loan app of your preferred lender from anywhere. This way, you can apply for the loan 24x7. 

2. Loan tracking 

Once the loan is applied, you can track its progress. It is also possible to track the progress of an availed loan like pending EMIs, paid EMIs and much more. 

3. Loan repayments

You don’t need to visit a lender’s website or office to pay your personal loan EMIs. It is possible to do that on an online instant loan app round the clock. 

4. Pre-approved loan offers 

If you are eligible for a pre-approved loan offer, you can make the most of it on an online instant loan app. This way, you can save your time and efforts and also don’t have to submit any documents to get the loan amount in your bank account. 

Bajaj Finserv offers pre-approved deals on small personal loans, home loans, business loans and more. It is to simplify loan processing and make it faster. 

You can check out your pre-approved loan offers today after sharing your basic details, such as your name and mobile number. 

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