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Faridabad: The Best Upcoming Destination For Home Seekers

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With the boost in employment opportunities Faridabad is on the verge on becoming a hot destination for home seekers. Mostly because of affordable housing and its location advantage which shares its boundaries with Eastern Periphery Expressway which connects Ghaziabad,Noida and Palwal.

Moreover, here are some reasons which makes Faridabad a hot property destination -

  • Price Appreciation: the last few years with more and more people showing interest in purchasing a house in Faridabad the area has witnessed an upsurge in the appreciation of its residential property. The reason that property prices are still affordable in this region is because the development of this region took off fairly recently but is on a fast track mode now. Hence, this can be a considered a good time for home seekers to invest in real estate in the region where price per square feet is Rs. 3500 - 4500.

  • Easy Home Finance: home buyers can easily avail home loan in Faridabad from reputed and experienced lenders in the region such as NBFCs and financial institutions. Applicants can apply for loan online with minimum paperwork and avail high value loan without any major bottlenecks. You can use the home loan eligibility calculator available online to check how much loan you qualify for and apply accordingly.

  • Infrastructural Development: with time, the region promises to rise to a prominent region offering better infrastructure for its populace. The Haryana Urban Development Authority are making all efforts to make the region a thriving residential destination. For instance, the sanctioning of Kundli Manesar Palwal Expressway to connect it with Delhi and Gurgaon, the extension of its existing bypass road are some of the steps in this direction.

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