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Follow These 5 Smart Tips to Increase Your Personal Loan Eligibility

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Do you want to apply for a personal loan and don’t know what eligibility factors to prove or improve it to get the approval?


If yes, then you can go through this post and tips to improve your personal loan eligibility. Read on!


While applying for the personal loan, you need to prove your eligibility such as having a higher cibil score, repayment and income history and more.


The significance of the eligibility matters as the personal loan is unsecured debt.


Nowadays, managing the loan is smooth as you can calculate personal loan EMI in advance by using the calculator.


1. Maintain strong credit score

It is what leading lenders consider as the first thing to check your creditworthiness and eligibility while processing the application. Hence, you need to ensure your credit score being 750 to prove your eligibility. You can do that by making timely repayments for your ongoing EMIs. To be sure of an amount payable, you can calculate personal loan EMI in advance and avoid making defaults.


2. Ensure to have a clear repayment history

The next thing that can improve personal loan eligibility is by having a clear repayment history. You should avoid making defaults and hurt your outlays to lead to lowering the eligibility.


3. Go for a longer tenure

Opting for a longer term not only makes you pay small EMIs but even improves your loan eligibility. How? When you have a lower amount to pay per month, then you may not default on the same.


4. Keep decreased debt to income ratio

If you wish to get the approval for a higher amount, then you will need to prove that your income can support upcoming EMIs. Having a deceased debt to income ratio is one of the best ways to keep your eligibility graph higher.

If you can consider these discussed tips, then you can surely improve the eligibility for the personal loan.


5. Know your variable pay

Keep a tab on your variable income like bonuses, incentives and more. Many creditors may take this into account while determining the eligibility. Doing that may improve your creditworthiness drastically.

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