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Healthcare Finance for Medical Professionals: All You Need to Know About It

Are you a medical professional planning to start your own practice? Then go for Healthcare Finance provided by Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs). This loan is very useful for the healthcare professionals not only to set up medical practice but also for hiring efficient staff and buying the latest equipment such as X-Ray, ECG, angio machines, MRI, scanners, monitors, etc. Some of the equipment need to be imported and attracts heavy duty. Hence, this loan comes quite handy for the medical professionals.

Healthcare Finance is a type of unsecured loans and this is processed with 24 hours of applying for the loan. The application for the loan can be done online itself. Now-a-days, NBFCs are offering door step services for collecting the documents for verification (though only minimal) as well as for delivery of the signed documents so the doctors need not have to waste their time in these petty things. Normally, the lenders prefer to advance loan for healthcare professionals as they have high credit worthiness. Some of the lenders provide exclusive offers that will suit your needs and this will help you to avail the loan easily.

As regards documentation, you need to provide your registration certificate apart from the KYC documents. They should also have post qualification experience. These documentation and post qualification experience differ from one NBFC to another. Hence, it is better to ask them directly when you are availing Healthcare Finance. This will ease your process.

To know more about the healthcare finance and how to avail it, click here: What Medical Professionals Must Know about Healthcare Finance?

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