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Healthcare Financing - The Right Credit Option for Healthcare Specialists

After a considerable amount of practice, all medical professionals set-up their own clinics. Calculating the probabilities, setting up a clinic instead of working for a hospital or running a private clinic alongside regular work has become a common practice. Hence, entrepreneurship isn’t a bad idea for medical professionals as long as they have a viable plan.

Setting up a medical practice like dental, ophthalmic, orthopaedic, etc. requires considerable investment owing to the expensive equipment. Therefore, apart from a feasible plan, the availability of sufficient funds is also important.

Taking a cue from the same, all doctors and healthcare professionals planning to set up their own clinic can take help from healthcare finance. Healthcare finance is a scheme that enables medical professionals with sufficient credit which can be used for multiple reasons including business funding.

Perks of Healthcare finance:-

Collateral-free loan: First but foremost, the loan offered by the particular scheme requires no collateral i.e. you don’t have to mortgage anything in order to avail the loan. Besides, you can avail up to Rs 30 lakh.
Money in the bank in 24 hours: Once the loan is processed and the loan request is approved, the money will be disbursed within the next 24 hours in the applicant's bank account.
Wide repayment tenor: The loan can be repaid easily over a period of 12 to 96 months. The wide repayment tenor is to ensure the borrower isn’t burdened by the debt.

Minimal documentation: Last but not least, the documentation process requires very less number of documents for approval.

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