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Here’s How to Make Your Travel Plans Fun and Less ‘Regretful’

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A man should always learn from mistakes already committed by others rather than doing it for themselves. This advice is perfect for people who like to travel and collect memories. One should always refer to online travel blogs and take a cue from the same to make their travel plans flawless and more fun. This goes especially for people who are very bad at planning the budget. For instance, last time I went for my week-long Goa holiday, my only regret was my poorly-planned budget. I underestimated Goa and ended up booking hostels instead of comfortable hotel rooms which was mandatory since I was traveling with my wife. I had to make a lot of compromises and also had to skip a few places due to budgetary constraints.

So, the lesson I learned was, (1) take a cue from experiences shared by others and plan your trips accordingly, and (2) spend a little more even if you have to take a loan to meet the cost but do it right in the first go. Coming back and visiting places in a particular city one by one will eventually cost you more.

Accordingly, below are some suggestions you can follow to make your travel plans more fun:-

Take just one break but make sure you have sufficient time-in-hand to explore all the places near or inside the place you’re visiting. It’s better than taking frequent breaks.

Referring to the Kochi-couple who visited approximately 16 countries so far by selling tea, you can take a loan to plan a better travel-budget so you can explore more, and come back later to settle it just like 65-year-old Vijayan and his wife do.

Lastly, even though you’ve obtained additional financial support through travel loans, spend your money wisely.

Bottom line: Always maintain a high credit eligibility to ensure quicker approval for online loans.

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