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How are Mobile Health Platforms Like Lybrate Revolutionising the Medical Sector?

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India’s healthcare sector is prospering, thanks to the country’s ability to embrace new forms of technology. Mobile health is one of the cutting-edge technologies revolutionising India’s medical sector to a remarkable extent.


Platforms like Lybrate are a notable example of mHealth in India. It not only benefits patients but also aids physicians in their practice. The use of such applications has significantly improved the quality of healthcare across the country.


A prime reason for this rapid growth of mHealth is the rate at which smartphone and other smart device usage has increased in the nation. Today, almost every person owns and operates such handsets. Taking advantage of mobile health applications is as simple as downloading software. These apps can monitor every aspect of your health, starting from heart rate to calorie counter and sleep quality.


Doctors, on the other hand, can benefit by listing their practice on such platforms. Patients can easily discover clinics on Lybrate, which leads to improved revenue generation. Additional services to doctors include clinic management, SMS & Email alerts, phone apps and much more.


Nevertheless, listing a practice on such a platform can be expensive. Combined with all other costs of operating a clinic, a doctor is often under great financial duress. Thankfully, advances like a loan for doctors help meet these expenses efficiently.

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