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How Businesses Can Find The Right Funds?

In a competitive environment, businesses need to be self-sufficient financially. As it can be really risky to depend on investors, stakeholders or individual investors to gather funds to sustain. While, such investors do have their pros it is safe to opt for funds from reliable lenders which can be easily paid off in the due course of time.

If you are looking for such safe capital you may consider opting for entrepreneur loan from experienced NBFCs. They offer custom loan to cater to immediate and planned needs of the business. Besides, there are several advantages of this loan as mentioned below.

Lenders provide high value loan amount up to Rs. 30 lakhs to qualifying applicants. The criteria to qualify for the loan is pretty simple too which states that

  • The applicant must have a business vintage of at least three years.
  • The business must have their income tax returns filed for at least the past one year.
  • Applicants having good credit score of 750+ or more have a higher chance of securing the loan.
  • They must have relevant documentation to secure the loan such as KYC documents, passport size photograph, financial documents, bank statements of previous month and proof of business vintage. 

How to apply?

Applicants can easily apply for the loan online with minimum paperwork by filling up an e-form available at the lender’s website. Upon verification, eligible applicants enjoy instant approval and quick disbursement to cater to their financial business needs. It is recommended to discuss loan terms with your Relationship Manager to be clear of its eligibility criteria.

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