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How can telemedicine fill the gap raised in emergency cancer care?

Life-threatening diseases like cancer have turned into a major health concern in the 21st century India. The second most populated country, India, faces significant healthcare challenges. With almost 68% of the country still residing in the villages and accessible to only 3% of India's healthcare specialists – the need for emergency cancer care is at an all-time high.


To bridge this shortage, the nation’s healthcare industry has adopted mHealth – telemedicine software to propagate proper healthcare and awareness for ailments such as cancer.

What is meant by telemedicine?

It is a state-of-the-art electronic medical system that keeps track of patient records, prescriptions and audio-visual briefings over the internet. Experts operating in pharmaceutical and healthcare facilities can equip with software like mHealth to analyse information and diagnose patients’ conditions even from miles away.

How does telemedicine help?

Telemedicine applications such as Lybrate can create awareness among patients from rural areas. It significantly reduces the cost of diagnosis and treatments. Besides, the 24X7 availability of experts' opinion has improved the conditions of people from semi-rural and rural areas. The mHealth application has been at the forefront of telemedicine practice in India.

Furthermore, telemedicine caters to a plethora of patients suffering from diseases like cancer with inexpensive equipment from a well-equipped location. This also led to a rise in medical tourism in India.

The impact of telemedicine in future

Telemedicine provides a major advancement in preventive and critical care of patients suffering from cancer. Patients can now avail improved healthcare even if they are from a remote location and facing transportation issues. Telemedicine is also acting as a merger of telehealth and nanotechnology in India.

Several healthcare professionals are already implementing this mobile medical care facility as it boosts profitability among doctors. However, you must always have a professional indemnity insurance cover for your protection.

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