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How To Avail Easy Loan During Lockdown To Pay Bills Easily?

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There is no denying the fact that the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has crippled everyone and almost all sectors. Its impact could be felt with many people losing jobs and some getting increased pay cuts.

While the earning has gone down, the expenses have not. You need to pay the rent, bills, EMIs and more. And for that, you may need funds. And it is where an online instant personal loan may work wonders for you to cover all needs.

But the question is who to apply for a low income personal loan during the COVID-19 lockdown. Nothing to worry, you can go through this post and know more!

  1. Go for collateral-free funding solution

While looking to get urgent funds; your focus should be on acquiring money by opting for a collateral-free funding solution. It is because you may not be in a position to pledge anything to get a loan. Opting for a collateral-free solution like the instant personal loan can help you reduce the paperwork. The approval time and disbursement period may also be curtailed. Some of the leading banks and NBFCs in India can help you avail up to Rs.25 lakhs.

2. Apply for the loan online and get digital approval and disbursement

You should look for a loan that you can apply from home with online approval and funds disbursements. In this regard, the instant personal loan is the best thing to apply for. It comes with instant approval and money disbursement within 24 hours post-approval.

3.Seek a lower amount than what you may be eligible for

Owing to the COVID-19 lockdown, even lenders may be having higher risk when it comes to the personal loan disbursal process to disbursing larger amounts. It is where they may not sanction your request if you apply for a significant amount. It would be better to apply for a lower amount than what you are eligible for and get quick approval.

Other than these aspects, your credit score should also be higher with a clean repayment and income history. It will help you get the instant personal loan approval in no time.

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