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How to Choose the Right Lending Institution for a Loan for your Small Business

NBFCs or Non-Banking Financial Companies are increasingly offering business loans to small and medium scale enterprises to help them meet their credit requirements and help them offer better services. As SMEs do not have a large financial backing, they need to choose their lender with the utmost caution to ensure that paying out the loan does not become a costly affair.

If you are the owner of an SME and want to ensure that you get the best deal, then you need to spend some time finding the right lender. Some of the aspects which you need to remember when searching for an NBFC are as follows -

With or Without Collateral

While most lenders offer SME finance without collateral, there are still some who require one. In such a case you need to inquire what kind of assets can be pledged as collateral and what are their terms and conditions. As someone who is just starting their business you may or may not have the assets to provide as security, so you need to choose your lender accordingly.

Interest Rates

Interest rates will highly influence the monthly instalment which you pay in order to repay back the loan. The higher the interest rates, the more will be the instalment and vice-versa. While making a decision you need to factor the future inconsistencies which can crop up.


As part of your initial investigation, after you have chosen your desired lender, you must look into the reputation of your lender. This can be done by checking out reviews online or from people in your network who can add valuable insights regarding the extent to which they are satisfied with the lender.

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