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How to Do Away With Problems in Sugar Mill?

Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are the two states of India, that are considered to the major producers of sugarcane. There are many sugar mills and factories in this area. But, running these factories requires a lot of electricity. The electricity bills can make a dent in the revenue.


The process of producing sugar involves crushing the canes, extraction of the juice, processing and crystallization of the juice and then boiling it to make the sugar fit for consumption. The entire process, mainly the milling process, is where the bulk of electricity is used.

To save on electricity, start planning recycling. One idea gaining popularity is the use of a boiler room on the premises, so that, it can be used to provide steam to run the rest of the machinery. The steam will help to process the juice, to run the turbines in the powerhouse, fire up the generators and produce electricity. You can burn the fiber from the crushed stalks as fuel, it creates less smoke than burning wood or coal, but still it can be useful.

However, if production is getting affected, it is a better idea to take a business loan to pay of for the bills and ensure production reaches maximum output. The business loan from a bank or an NBFC can also be used to meet other expenses such as transportation.

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