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How to Use Personal Loan for Your Career Growth

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The employment rate in India stands at a staggering 95% and if you putting in extra efforts like most other people would be doing, you’re likely to be disappointed on the career front. In such situations, taking a higher education loan can provide the necessary funds you can use towards boosting your skills to improve your chances of getting a good job.

Accordingly, below are a few things you can do.

1) Sign up for skill training courses: If you have already done your masters and don’t want to spend much towards further education, you can sign up for a good skill training course from a reputed university. You can also do a diploma in your respective subject to add what’s lacking in your CV.

2) Pursue further education abroad: An MBA or M-tech degree from a foreign university such as the Harvard’s or the Oxford University can add wonders to your life and your CV. it could make the difference you badly need, helping you get a call letter from your dream company easily. If you believe that, a personal loan is what can help you fund your higher education.

3) Start a side business: Talking of what to do in order to establish a stable source of passive income, there are a lot many things you can do. You can buy a used car and list it on Uber, OLA etc. You can even buy a new house or renovate your spare rooms before listing it on Airbnb etc. You can even start your own blog if you are passionate about writing or you can set up a low-cost business using the money. The options are many but which one to choose is your choice.

Bottom line: Since you are taking a personal loan, make sure your CIBIL score is up to the mark.

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