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Important Insurance Plans for Medical Professionals in India

The medical profession is considered as an esteemed occupation of treating and curing the ill.

However, it also involves risks like negligence, omission or errors, which can make a practitioner face legal consequences and financial loss.

Here, a professional indemnity insurance policy can safeguard a doctor against the significant losses incurred.

Numerous medico-legal incidents have been reported, marking an increase of 400% than in previous years.

Financial institutions have, therefore, introduced insurance policies for doctors to cover them against professional risks.

These plans are customised and come with several benefits such as high sum assured, comprehensive coverage, safety net against unseen risks, protect assets, etc.

There can be various incidents against which a patient can raise claims like medical negligence, surgery issues, misdiagnosis, inaccurate treatment, wrong treatment, and more.

Even worse, there is no fixed calculation for the quantum of compensation. Patients can claim exorbitant amounts for the same, leading to massive financial expenses for doctors.

With the best malpractice insurance plan, a medical practitioner can stay protected against such unexpected situations.

Financial institutions also offer loans for doctors to address additional monetary requirements in a practice. Borrowers can enjoy unrestricted end-usage along with other features and benefits.

So, make sure you are aware of medico-legal incidents and purchase a comprehensive indemnity insurance plan at affordable premiums.

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