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Insurance Policies for Doctors: Ensure Compensation for Medical Professioanls

In India, doctors have always been one among the most esteemed professionals. However, the numbers of medical practitioners facing court cases due to misdiagnosis, negligence, injury or death of the patient, etc. are constantly increasing.

Various survey and statistics show the rising number of medical negligence cases. Of these, most incidents are a result of either wrong perception or incomplete knowledge of the patient’s family.

Once a victim’s family files a court case, the doctor usually ends up paying huge compensation for the losses suffered.

Here, a professional indemnity insurance policy protects the insured financially against the expenses incurred.

A comprehensive malpractice insurance plan provides coverage against various types of risks, including libel and slander, breach of confidentiality, inappropriate diagnosis, loss of documents, etc.

Besides, there are various other benefits for which doctors should consider taking an indemnity insurance plan. It protects one’s medical career effectively, safeguards all assets, helps in running the practice smoothly.

Several financial organisations offer tailored insurance plans to address the diverse requirements of doctors. Such plans come with high sum insured of up to Rs.1 crore at reasonable annual premiums.

Once applied online or offline, you can easily raise a claim through a simple claim form and some vital documents. So, buy the best professional indemnity insurance policy for optimum financial support.

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