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Know What Details are Needed to Check CIBIL Score Without Login?

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Anyone looking to apply for an unsecured loan like a personal loan and more will need to have a robust CIBIL score. 

Having a strong credit score can help in easier loan processing at a lower rate. In turn, it can help you to enjoy savings on EMI repayments. 

If you want to check CIBIL score without login, it is possible. You will only need to follow a few steps to do that. 

Read on and know more!

Here’s how you can check CIBIL score without a login 

  1. The first step is to land on the website of a third-party service provider offering to check CIBIL score without login. 
  2. On the CIBIL score checking page, you will need to enter your personal details matching your ID proofs. 
  3. The next step will be the verification of your identity. It will be done by sending an OTP on your email ID and mobile number. Once you confirm the OTP on the page, your authentication will be completed. 
  4. Finally, you will be able to check CIBIL score without login. Additionally, you will also be able to explore the best loan offers ready for you. 

If your credit score is not up to the mark, you can opt for the CIBIL report correction and resolve errors. This way, it can help you improve your credit score easily. Another way to maintain a robust credit score is by paying your bills for loans and more on time. Having a mix of secured and unsecured loans and maintaining a lower debt to income ratio can also help you keep a robust CIBIL score. 

A credit score of 750 or more is what a majority of lenders consider ideal for processing your loan application faster and at a lower personal loan interest rates

Bajaj Finserv provides you with deals on personal loans, and even on home loans and more. It is to simplify loan processing and make it less time-consuming. 

You can know about your pre-approved loan offers today after sharing your primary details like your name and mobile number. 


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