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Know What Is Top-Up Loan and How You Can Use It.

Just like the top-up recharge in your phone balance, a top-up loan is a loan provided to you over and above the loan amount you have already acquired from a bank or a non-banking financial company (NBFC). Apart from being available to you always, opting for a top-up loan is also possible during balance transfer. Balance transfer means that the borrower opts to transfer the outstanding balance of the loan to a new lender. A borrower can get benefits including a low-interest rate here, but remember that there are certain nominal charges including foreclosure fee and others that the former lender can charge on you (the borrower) at the time of balance transfer.


Top-up loans have a number of features that you may find appealing, and which may solve many of your financial problems. Opting for a top-up loan has below-given benefits.

Optimal Loan Amount: Some of the best financial institutions can offer you a top-up loan of up to INR 50 Lacs.

No New Documentation: You are not required to submit any new document for a top-up loan

No end-user restriction: You can use a top-up loan for any personal, professional, or business purpose you desire, and there are no restrictions related to its use. Moreover, these loans are also offered to you at a competitive rate of interest.

Top up loans will help you resolve emergency and immediate financial problems, including wedding, higher education fees, and medical emergencies, and may also help you overcome the financial emergency that your business may face.

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