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Loan Facility for Professionals: Must Acquire to Meet Financial Requirements 

Loan for professionals is customisable advances that cater to the varying professional and personal requirement of individuals. Such funding brings with it multiple financial leverages and aids the borrowers in meeting their financial goals.

Catering to the financial requirement that may emerge with professionals, reputed lenders take into account these occupations - doctors, engineers, and chartered accountants. The offered advances can be categorised into four suites – personal loans, business loans, home loan, and loan against property.

Professionals need to take into count a few metrics, weigh them with other funding options available and settle for one, accordingly.

For instance, unsecured loan for professionals caters to the personal financial requirements of doctors, engineers, CAs alike in case of personal advances. Such varied financial needs include sponsoring a child's higher education, arranging for vacations, funding for wedding, etc.

In the case of business loans, the diverse expenditures funded for include renting a clinic or expanding up a firm, hiring trained employees, purchasing state-of-the-art equipment, etc.

The loan amount, in this case, may range from Rs.35 to Rs.37 lakh, with a range of tenor that extends up to 96 months.

On the other hand, mortgage loans for professionals include home loans and loan against property and cater to those big-ticket expenses, the funding of which requires high-value loans.

Mortgaging a property that lies well within the serviceable range of the lender, and is in an optimum condition ensures that they can avail such loans that offer a loan amount of up to Rs.2 crore.

While business vintage and work experience may act as determinants to the add-on received via the advances, it's essential to look into the leverages offered, weight them out and avail accordingly.

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