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Loan for Dentists to Set Up their Practice

Dental Practitioner to patient ratio in India is very low as there are only very few dental practitioners available. This is due to the non-availability of finance for them. Dentists need finance to set up their clinic, to buy equipment, to provide for whatever infrastructure, to cover the overhead costs, dentist chairs, rent, maintenance, medical supplies and utilities. Of late, many financial institutions are opening up to this fact and are providing Dental Practice Loans.

Normally, for a dentist to opt for Dental Practice Loans, they should have completed five years of practice. When you approach an NBFC, they will offer you an unsecured loan up to Rs 30 lakhs. It will be processed within 24 hours and to be repaid in 12-96 months.

You can even go to the dentist’s loan for buying equipment alone. Only minimal documentation is required. Of late, there are many pre-approved personalised offers are available for dentists. You can manage your loan at your fingertips as the details are available online.

Of course, you have to research well before going in for Dental Practice Loans. Since there are many financial institutions – both banking and non-banking are available, you have to check the interest rates offered by different financial institutions and the tenor as well as the loan amount. You have to go for the best that suits you well.

To know more about the dental practice loans, click here: Starting Your Dental Practice? Financial Steps You Should Take

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