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Loan Options Available for Medical Professionals (Doctors) in India

Launching a private medical business is extremely easy and hassle-free, owing to ease of financing such projects through doctors’ loan for the clinic. However, such funds can only be availed if a doctor satisfies the eligibility criteria for professional loans respectively.

An individual with an MBBS or MD degree has to be registered with the Medical Council of India to avail an unsecured loan. To obtain high-value secured loans for doctors, on the other hand, 3 years of experience has to be proved subsequently as well.

Doctors specialising in dental surgery, homoeopathic, and Ayurvedic medicine, on the other hand, have to submit proof of 2 years of practice along with registration details in case of unsecured credits. For loans backed by collateral, 6-years of work experience have to be submitted.

Aside from financing, a proper location where the clinic has to be set up has to be decided. Trained medical professionals have to hire as well as an assistant helps in the clinic.

Such parameters should be carefully determined for the success of such start-up clinics. Availability and access to such finances are vital for medical professionals to upgrade their current or fledgeling healthcare setup. Adequate financing is vital for a successful start to the medical setup.

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