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Medical Tourism: One of the Important Factors in India to Grow

Healthcare tourism is considered as one of the primary sources of foreign currency in India, generating a revenue of approximately Rs.1,77,000 crore in 2017 alone.


The presence of skilled professionals, clinics offering class-leading services, and affordability can be considered as the major driving factors of medical tourism in India.


Today, the Indian healthcare industry alone clocks nearly 18% of the global medical tourism in terms of quantity.


It has contributed to building a better nation-wide healthcare system, introduce the latest in medical science, build indigenous facilities to cater to various technological needs, etc.


Medical tourism has also helped several supporting industries, namely patient care, e-health, etc. improve across the nation.


Currently, India is striving to become one of the leading countries in after-treatment patient care courtesy its alternative methods of treatment like Ayurveda, Yoga, etc. which are rapidly gaining popularity in the West. Many foreigners also visit the country every year to seek such cures every year.


With the availability of available financing and better guidance for doctors on medical tourism, the authorities are projecting a 200% growth in this sector by the end of 2020.


It is likely to improve the existing infrastructure of the nation by a significant margin while refining service quality and patient satisfaction with the help of a substantial number of well-trained and experienced professionals.

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