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Personal Loan For Government Employees

Good news for government employees. They can now avail personal loan at lower rate of interest. No collateral or guarantors are needed for this loan. Easily take care of all personal cash needs with an affordable loan, at convenient interest rate.

Eligibility of Personal Loan to Government Employees,

  • Age limit must be between 21-65 years
  • Must have a good credit score of 700 or more
  • Minimum income must be Rs. 20,000 for government and permanent employees, (depending on lender criteria)

Who is Eligible?

  • All central and state government employees who are permanent and confirmed
  • Maharatna PSUs
  • Navratna PSUs
  • Public sector banks
  • Educational institutions like teachers working in schools, universities, colleges, autonomous bodies who are permanent and confirmed
  • Defence services

Applicant can apply Personal Loan for government employees from anywhere to get instant approval and disbursement. There are no hidden charges and it can be easily maintained online. Just use your login details and access your loan account from anywhere, at anytime. You get details of past repayments, repayment due date, loan amount paid, interest levied and so on. Eligible applicants can avail loan up to Rs. 25 lakh to meet all their financial needs. Loan offers convenient tenure from 12-60 months to easily pay off the loan.

Bear in mind, that the loan amount and rate of interest will depend on individual’s application and lender’s terms. Most financial institutions and NBFCs run pre-approved offers on personal loan as well.


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