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Startups which got Popular in 2019: Know all of Them

India is quickly becoming one of the primary startup hubs in South-Eastern Asia. With a 108% boost in the overall funding and a portfolio crossing over 4895 start-ups all over the country, the nation is progressing exponentially over the past decades.

Further, with the easy availability of funding, entrepreneurs can easily form and finance their innovative manufacturing business ideas to venture into 2019 –

  • E-waste recycling 

You can tap the large market of this profitable business by purchasing equipment for processing and collecting e-waste. You can opt for a business loan from leading financial institutions.

Following the model of what is lean manufacturing, India is building a manufacturing ecosystem that focuses on the minimisation of waste without any sacrifice in productivity. E-waste recycling services will help further reduce manufacturing waste.

  • Equipment manufacturing 

Production of small scale appliances, production line apparatuses, etc. is among the most profitable manufacturing business to start in 2019. This manufacturing business idea holds a promising future as the world heads towards an automated future.

  • Leather goods business 

Making leather goods is a profitable manufacturing business. Considering the tremendous growth in favour of leather goods and accessories, setting up a start-up that will manufacture export-quality products is a possibility.

However, investing in a leather business requires a sizeable investment. So, it is recommended to start preparing your enterprise for a business loan well in advance.

With these innovative manufacturing business ideas in India, setting up a start-up in this sector hold tremendous prospect and will reap profitability. Further, with easy financing option, the country’s GDP is expected to get a significant boost in the near future.

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