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Tailor-Made Loans Available in India for Medical Professioanls

Leading financiers offer a range of financial products and services customised to meet the financial requirements of a doctor.

From insurance policies to tailor-made loans, top financers provide a doctor with all the necessary means for financial protection and access to credit to cover their monetary needs or goals.

A doctor can purchase professional indemnity insurance in India for financial coverage against litigation case of medical negligence and resultant liabilities of the court proceedings.

A doctor can be charged for negligence leading to damages caused to a patient on grounds of unprofessional services provided while on duty, inaccurate advice offered in a professional capacity, etc. The doctor can be sued for the damages caused, fatal or non-fatal.

Such legal proceedings will require legal counsel for the defence. Also, if proven guilty, the doctor may have to face long-drawn court proceedings.

Indemnity insurance for doctors from leading insurers can provide comprehensive financial coverage of up to Rs.1 crore for a wide range of monetary liabilities including legal defence expenses, compensation, etc.

Add-on benefits also include expenses to continue legal proceedings on charges of defamation, Libel & Slander, etc. charged by the doctor on the patient if the former is proven not guilty of medical negligence.

Other than insurance policies, financers also offer customised medical professionals loans to help a doctor meet his/her professional and personal monetary needs.

These credits are customised to fit a medical professional’s profile and financial requirements, completing the whole circle of financial products and services offered to doctors in India.

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