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Technical Changes in Medical System: Avail with Loan Facility

According to reports, around 76% of medical professionals store patient information in the form of electronic health records for ease in access so that the information can be sought after at the time of need.

Nonetheless, electronic health records aren’t the sole type of technology advancement that has influenced the healthcare industry.

There are several other technology implementations in India and worldwide that are constantly trying to improve the medical system in India.

Some of which are artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, Lybrate, blockchain, etc. Such technologies not only improve the quality of treatment but reduce the possibility of errors in diagnosis.

Medical professionals can easily integrate these technologies by availing a professional loan for doctors.

While such technologies aid in medical professional’s diagnosis and treatment processes, they can’t eliminate the possibility of errors.

In case of errors and misdiagnosis, the patients or their bereaved family may file a legal complaint against the professional.

Such cases need to be dealt with care and will require substantial finances, be it for legal proceedings or to pay compensation.

For such cases, having a medical indemnity insurance policy will work in doctor’s favour as they can acquire financial assistance as specified by the policy issuer. This saves them from the unforeseen risks and perils that they have to meet.

Subsequently, with innovation and technology and policy as a backup plan, medical professionals can now practise more efficiently while protecting their earnings.

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