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The Contribution of Nanotechnology in the Indian Market

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Nanotechnology is one area of modern science that has severe implications on several integral fields, including medicine. India is one of the leaders when it comes to research and development of nanotechnology applications. Global research indicates that nanotechnology breakthroughs could lead to immense improvements over current treatment methods.


Some of the avenues where nanotechnology can aid in the field of healthcare are mentioned herein. It can lead to a new and more dependable form of sterilisation, removing even the resistant bacteria from objects and patients’ bodies.


Also, delivering drugs or medicine to the afflicted individual can increase significantly with nanotechnology. Instead of oral delivery, such a system would rely on Nano bots reaching the site of affliction directly, enhancing potency and drug effect.


Nanotechnology may further aid in controlling internal bleeding more effectively, limiting chances of severe trauma. Doctors in other countries have successfully used nanotechnology as a diagnosis tool for diseases, such as cancer. This method ensures early detection of cancers, thus allowing improved treatment.


Apart from its medical applications, nanotechnology in India can also help in several other fields, including energy, electronics and pollution control.


Indian doctors need to invest significantly today to integrate nanotechnology into their remedies. Loans for doctors offer an easy source of funds for doing the same.

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