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The demand for Medical Tourism in India: Statistics Report

Medical tourism in India is growing at a significant rate. Each year, the country’s hospitals and nursing homes handle a huge influx of foreign patients. These people arrive in India primarily because they lack proper treatment facilities back home.

Back in 2017, around 495,000 medical tourists arrived in India. Around 55% of all such tourists comprise Bangladeshi citizens. Next to Bangladesh is Afghanistan.

This rise in medical tourists in India does not show any signs of slowing down either. Some estimates suggest that the total revenue from medical tourists in India is expected to cross $9 billion by 2020.

At such a time, doctors in the country are opting to establish businesses and clinics, equipped with the top equipment and facilities. Moreover, the creation and development of a proper website are essential to broaden the reach of your medical practice.

Medical practitioners can also learn how they can utilise this market trend to establish a business that primarily caters to foreigners.

Following a doctor’s guide on medical tourism can help healthcare professionals to check the current trends within the country. If you want to establish your clinic, the guide should help assess the need to seek financing solutions as well.

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