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Things to Know Before Buying a Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy for Doctors

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Professional indemnity insurance for doctors has become a necessity for all healthcare practitioners due to rising disputes with patients all across the country. Such insurance schemes provide financial security in case of legal repercussions related to a healthcare case. However, coverage is offered to patients only if disputes satisfy the following parameters -

  1. Medical error causing damage to the health of a patient not owing to a mistake on the part of a doctor.
  2. Unintentional errors made by an attending doctor causing harm to the respective patient.
  3. Legal costs incurred by doctors to defend himself/herself in case of litigation.

While choosing the best professional indemnity insurance to satisfy various needs of a doctor, the features of the same should be carefully analysed. Following parameters should be kept in mind while opting for such insurance policies -

  • Coverage limits

Various institutions only assist in specific medical cases. The details of the same should be carefully studied before settling on a particular indemnity insurance scheme.

  • Claims to coverage ratio

Opt for an insurance company which has higher than average claims-to-settlement ratio. The chances of acquiring coverage are higher in case of the former.

  • Cost analysis

Insurance schemes offering coverage of a higher amount than the total premium payments should be given priority, as the extended benefits are much higher.


Keeping these parameters in mind, choosing professional indemnity insurance for doctors secures the financial interests of all medical practitioners. Make sure to read all terms and features of the policy for a complete idea about the coverage it offers. Additionally, a medical practitioner can also avail customised loans for doctors to meet their multiple financial goals, personal or professional.

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