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Ways to Get the Best Personal Loan Interest Rates in India

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Potential borrowers often reconsider availing unsecured personal loans, primarily due to the interest rates linked with such credits. Nonetheless, one can ensure affordability for the best personal loans by following a few simple tips.

Ways to reduce personal loan interest rates

You can adopt the following ways to avail the best interest rates on personal loans.

  • Adopt ways that help improve your CIBIL score – Credit ratings measure an individual’s creditworthiness based on past repayments, existing debts, and more. Financial institutions extend the best offers to applicants holding impressive credit scores.

Additionally, such a borrower can even negotiate with lenders to acquire better deals on their loans. Thus, you can ensure to make timely repayments, avail balanced credit mix and adopt such measures that help in score improvement.

  • Furnish documents of an increase in income – Applicants who enjoy substantial annual earnings can often avail best personal loans at favourable terms. It is because financial institutions associate increased income as a sign of financial security and reduced risk, which allows such borrowers to repay all credits within their due time. The marginal decrease in interest rates can, therefore, be possible because of reduced risk for a lender in such cases.

  • Avail loans from NBFCs with whom you maintain a healthy relation – If you have previously availed loans from a particular financial company, sticking to the same lender when applying for a personal loan is ideal. Such institutions are more likely to extend loans at lower interest rates based on healthy customer relations and repayment record.

Alongside, you can also arrive at attractive personal loan interest rates by comparing various offers from existing lenders.

The best personal loans allow borrowers numerous opportunities to limit interest rates. One can use any of the tips mentioned above to avail such credit at attractive terms. Further, you can also look forward to reducing the total interest liability with early repayment options like part-prepayment and foreclosure.

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