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What are the best career opportunities after becoming a chartered accountant?

Completion of the chartered accountancy course endows individuals with a professional qualification, skills and reputation. Hence, once a CA student acquires the degree, the career opportunities he/she can opt for are immense, along with several chartered accountant practice opportunities.

Here are some of the career options CAs can select from.

  • Starting a professional practice

Professional practice is a dream every CA aspirant carries, whether as a student or as a CA articleship trainee. It is also one of the most lucrative career options for CAs with opportunities for growth and success.

As financing is a concern when running and expanding a CA firm, you can conveniently avail and use a chartered accountant loan to strengthen your practice.

  • Obtaining a job in public/private sector

A CA can also opt to work as taxation, accounting or audit expert with a company operating in the public or private sector. It gives you ample opportunities to utilise the qualities of an accountant acquired through a rigorous study and training schedule.

  1. Carrying out consultancy services

CAs can also opt to provide consultancy services to their clients. Services like tax consultancy, audit consultancy, etc. remain in high demand due to the ever-expanding corporate world. Thus, consultancy becomes a lucrative option among chartered accountant practice opportunities.

  1. Opting to proceed with teaching

Chartered accountants can also opt to teach for the CA course. As the number of CA aspirants grows, opportunities for growth and expansion are immense.

With the availability of additional finance in the form of CA loans, you can also grow and expand your CA firm and practice efficiently.

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