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What Are The Ways Doctors Can Gain Medical Practice Finance?

The rise in medical financing helps communities to gain access to optimum medical care at all times. As more and more new age medical practitioners are going independent it thus, makes healthcare more accessible and affordable for the common man.


Starting out as a medical professional on your own can be quite tricky. Apart from the right skill sets, you need adequate funds to set up the clinic, buy the right medical equipment, hire staff and manage various other aspects of the business.

Here are some ways you can fund your medical business -

  • Apply for a medical business loan from leading NBFCs. There are various experienced lending institutions which offer medical practice financing to doctors. Besides, this is a multipurpose loan which can be used to cater to various aspects of the business right from set up to business expansion. You can apply for the loan online with relevant paperwork. Further, NBFCs offer a high-value loan up to Rs. 30 lakhs at the affordable interest rate and flexible tenure to eligible applicants. 
  • You may borrow funds from your family, friends or relatives. Make the process legal by getting a lawyer and get both parties to get their terms noted and signed. This will not only authenticate the promise but help you stay focused on your financial responsibility.
  • Looking for investors is another great way to get your business rolling. Create a lucrative business plan and pitch it right for investors who are willing to stand by you. Include all the nuances and stay transparent of the estimated profits to your investor. 
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