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What can you do with an Engineers Loan?

Are you an engineer looking for personal loans? Go for personal loan for engineers offered by banks as well as Non-Banking Financial Companies in India. These are ideal for any of your financial commitments such as wedding, higher education of your children, vacation, home renovation, consolidation of debt, etc. NBFCs offer this loan to mechanical, computer science/IT, civil, chemical, electronics engineer or for engineers from any other discipline.

Some of the benefits/features of this loan are as follows:

As seen earlier, this loan can be obtained for vacation, home renovation, medical emergencies, consolidation of debt, etc.
Loans up to Rs 25 lakhs
No collateral required as these are unsecured loans
Loans will be approved within 24 hours of submission of loan application
Repayment tenure of 12-72 months
Online account facility to track your loan details
Flexible withdrawals and repayments with Flexi loan facility

The documents required for personal loan for engineers are as follows:

KYC documents
Proof of business vintage of 3 years for self-employed and salary as well as bank statement for engineers employed in companies
Passport size photograph

All those self-employed engineers also can avail this loan for the expansion of their business. These loans will also help in increasing your working capital to cover all your overhead costs such as utilities, workers’ salary, rent, etc. You can also go for purchase of new state-of-the-art equipment.

Contact the NBFCs today, to avail the engineer loan to meet all your financial requirements.

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