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What Is Medical Professional Indemnity Insurance?

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With the alarming rise of medico-legal cases it is imperative that medical practitioners opt for professional indemnity insurance. This is a universally accepted insurance cover recognized by doctors. It provides cover for any claims made by patients due to negligence or wrong treatment or mishaps on the part of the doctor.

Insurance bears the costs of litigation, settlements and court fees. Some insurers provide support and legal advice to defend the professionals. In other cases they might fight the case on behalf of the doctor.

The policy from leading NBFCs covers risks such as,

  • Incorrect diagnosis

  • Fraud by employees

  • Loss of medical documents

  • Breach of confidentiality

  • Slander and libel

Here are few things to keep in mind before you sign up.


As coverage varies from policy to policy. Check for features offered by chosen insurance providers and whether they match your preferences. For instance, a more enhanced policy will offer coverage against medical staff’s dishonesty too. So read offer documents carefully and discuss terms with your Relationship Manager before signing up.



Take the time to study the claims handled by the insurance provider in the past. This is crucial as you would want a policy which can resolve your claims faster and more efficiently in times of crisis. Ask your insurance provider to take you through the process of claim settlement in advance so you are doubly sure of what you are opting for.



Check with your Relationship Manager as to how flexible is the policy? Do they let you increase or decrease the sum in the middle of the tenure? How is the claim procedure carried out? What documents would be needed for this etc.? Pick a cover which offers maximum flexibility in their process.


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