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What is the Role of the Stamp Duty Calculator in Property Registration?

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When you are buying a new property, the overall process of property registration can turn out quite overwhelming. When you are looking forward to buying a property, the price that is quoted by the builder is not usually the final price that you will have to pay for the given property. Once you register the same in your name, you are required to pay some additional amount in the end. While buying a property in India, around 5 to 7 percent of the overall property’s value is calculated as the stamp duty. Additionally, the registration charges also tend to make an additional one percent of the total value. Therefore, if you wish to know the exact financing requirements, you can consider making use of a reliable stamp duty calculator for your purpose.

A stamp duty calculator is a useful online tool that helps you in calculating stamp duty along with the registration charges on the home or property that you are going to purchase. While using the same, you are just required to enter the basic information about your property including its location, total value, and others. Then, you can select the option “calculate” and click on the same. You can get the stamp duty calculator for free of use on most of the lender’s website.

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