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What Kind Of Healthcare Finance Do You Need?

Healthcare is a rapidly growing, recession-free sector. As per statistics on healthcare it is expected to grow to USD 280 billion by 2020 alone. So, what do these impressive statistics tells us? That the opportunities for growth has more than doubled in this sector. Especially with the government initiatives and backing of financial institutions the sector is on a rising trajectory.

Having said that, the lucrative healthcare finance scene in the country is to suffice the major demand-supply gap which exists. It lets medical professionals avail finance for a number of medical and business aspects.

Debt financing - this is a type of loan which you can apply from major lenders across the country. They let you get rid of outstanding on the business and create a more profitable balance sheet. The lending is most popular among small hospitals and medical professionals.

Moreover, with debt financing owners do not lose their rights but can use the funds towards business innovation, services expansion, invest in research, training and development, purchase latest and high value medical consumables and so on.

Individual practitioners - the finance lets individuals players in the market set up clinics and hospitals and be independent.

Private Equity - along with the funds private equity helps in planning and management to the medical professionals.

Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) - Once registered with SEBI they can enter the Indian market. With alliance with Indian giants they can invest in private health finance.

Venture Capital - to fund new medical ventures, VC offers a number of healthcare finance options for the seekers.

SimpTo know more about the healthcare finance scheme, read here - The why and how of healthcare finance

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