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Why India Needs Financing Aid to Improve its Healthcare

India is home to as many as 13 lakh registered medical practitioners, with 80% of them providing their services through the private sector.

Also, of the $34 per capita valuation of the healthcare sector, up to 80% is fulfilled through out-of-pocket expense.

While recipients of this service primarily avail these services through their savings and investments, procuring finance to run a healthcare facility is equally challenging for healthcare providers as well.

In the absence of dedicated financing schemes directed towards the establishment of healthcare and clinical facilities, funding options like hospital loan come off as the go-to option.

Hospital loan

Through high-value funding of this kind, financial institutions allow medical practitioners to carry out their large-scale expansion plans related to medical units like hospitals and clinics.

Some of the popular loans for doctors available in the market to address these expansions needs include business loans, loans against property and personal loans.

As for business loans and personal loans, these are usually unsecured advances that can be availed with considerable ease by fulfilling eligibility and document requirements laid down by lenders.

Loan against property for doctors being a secured advance requires borrowers to mortgage an asset to avail funding of up to Rs.2 crore.

When applying for either of these advances, make sure to fulfil all eligibility requirements to improve your chances of quick approval.

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