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Why Insurance Policies are Important for Medical Professionals

There have been noticeable cases of medical negligence files across India over the last couple of years. While some have been a result of genuine medical neglect, a majority of the medical professionals have been wrongly accused.

It called for the need to avail financial and legal coverage to safeguard the interest of professionals. Catering to this, multiple companies now offer errors & omissions insurance policy that bring with it numerous leverages.

Medical professionals on account of the nature of their service often fall prey of wrong accusations in cases of negligence inpatient care, delay or mistaken diagnosis, and wrong medications, etc.


Under such circumstances, the professional liability insurance policy offers the leverages like enhanced professional credibility, financial protection from impending lawsuits, and the smooth running of a profession.

Catering to the financial and legal requirements of the professionals in question, the insurance policy offers the insured with speedy-redressal of a hassle-free claim, attractive premiums, and high-limit coverage, etc.

Acknowledging this insurance requirement of professionals, reputed NBFCs that offer financial assistance in the form of business loans for doctors also provide these insurance policies.

With the availability of multiple insurance coverage, make sure to look into the fine print of the policy before availing one. Ensure that the policy cover that you avail caters to your profession’s potential risks.

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