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Why Professionals like Doctors Need Financial Assistance in India

The healthcare sector in India stands as a strong economic pillar with its likely ranking among the top three healthcare markets in the world and an estimated valuation of over $370 billion by 2020.

Its CAGR of 22.9% between 2015 and 2020 is another data positing a positive trend in the market.

While the industry grows, practising medical professionals need to match up by including advanced equipment and updated technology in their practice.

On the other hand, these professionals also require funding to meet their personal expenditure.

The financial market thus brings a suite of loans for doctors, thus allowing them to fulfil their diverse funding needs with ease.

The financing available as both secured and unsecured option allows you to avail funds as per suitability.

Personal loans and business loans for doctors are available as unsecured advances provided only against simple eligibility requirements.

While the former serves diverse funding needs of a healthcare professional, the latter suffices to fulfil their needs of professional practice.

Secured advances include loan against property and home loans for doctors that they can avail against the mortgage of their assets.

Lenders provide these advances with a high LTV for maximum funding and top-up facility to fulfil additional funding needs.

Choose a funding option as per your requirement. Apply for the advance with your chosen lender along with necessary documents.

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