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Why to consider a CA loan for your company?

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If you run a CA firm, you can make use of CA loan to fund various expenses like overhead costs, financing expansion, IT structure expansion, operational expenses or to buy new assets. Here are some valid reasons why chartered accountant loan is the best option for your business requirements:

1. It enables you to get appropriate fund for your business needs 

Depending on your experience and requirement, you can avail CA loan up to INR 30 lakh or more to meet your financial requirements. You can use this loan amount at discretion, as there is no restriction over the use of the loan amount. Moreover, there is no need to arrange for a collateral or security to get this loan.

2. It helps you meet all your unpredictable needs

With the help of CA Loan, you can get a particular loan amount for a specific tenor. You can even make multiple withdrawals of the sanctioned amount for meeting your unpredictable financial needs.

3. It offers you an affordable repayment

A CA loan offers you a flexible part-prepayment facility that enables you to prepay the amount, which is equivalent to the first three EMIs. When you prepay using your business revenue or excess funds, the principal amount is reduced and the subsequent EMIs reduce at the same time. In case you avail the flexi format, there won’t be any charges on prepaying the loan amount as well.

4. It gets you finances rapidly

With Bajaj Finserv Chartered Accountant Loan, you can quickly get finance with an easy loan application process that enables you to disburse the loan within 24 hours.

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