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Why Working Capital is Crucial for Business Development

Working capital of a business is the difference between its current assets and its current liabilities. It shows whether a business has sufficient cash flow to cover its debts or expenses.

The important factors concerning the management of working capital are – cash management and inventory management.

Extra capital may be required to service high-volume orders or expansion of business operations.

Businesses may face problems in their cash flow during lean seasons. Under such circumstances, the company can take a working capital loan.

Also, immediate funding may be needed in case of emergencies. A company may have to meet obligations due towards suppliers or employees, even though payments are due from its customers.

Plus, business improvement requires increased working capital. For instance, a company may be able to avail the benefit of discounts provided by suppliers by making bulk purchases. The business will necessarily have to bear a greater cost to make such purchases.

Different expenses such as payment of temporary employees, or other expenditure not having budgetary allocation will need sufficient working capital as well.

A business needs to maintain a balance of working capital. While an excess of working capital means that suitable investment of cash has not been undertaken, a lower level will disrupt business operations.

Companies can, however, avail a business loan to ensure sufficiency of the working capital in the case of shortages.

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